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Sans Souci

Written by B on Wednesday, 01 May 2013. Posted in Sans Souci • Greenville • SC • United States

Alright, so this is really a nice little community and a sweet little house we just moved in. Build in the early twenties it has great wooden floors, a great modernized kitchen, redone windows and electricity, two comfortable porches, a small but not too small yard and here and there some nasty cockroaches but i guess you have to live with them somehow here in the South.

Other then that it's quite a nice "Country Cottage". Which doesn't mean that i gave up on the "Bamboo Hut" further South in the Caribbean but at least it's the first stable fundament for those bridges that are in the process of being build. And "Sans Souci" is definitely a good attitude to work with. Cause living in "Souci" constantly takes you exactly nowhere. That i've learnd at least. Finally. You know what i will do? I will just  relax and enjoy the show.
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