• Fisherman's advice: Let go! Otherwise it will get tangled.
  • Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.
  • The reward of patience is patience.
  • Sans Souci • Greenville • SC

    Sans Souci

    B, posted in Sans Souci • Greenville • SC • United States

    I will take it as a sign and guiding principle that this new neighborhood we just moved in is called "Sans Souci", "carefree", "sorgenfrei". Even tho I'm already a little worried to say it out loud but I think I kinda like it here ...
  • Bernhard Rossmann.com

    Bernhard Rossmann . com

    B, posted in Connective Bridges

    Too bad a catalog won't ever be complete nor all-inclusive. But as earlier parts of it got run over by cars, got trashed and reformatted or are simply just forgotten, this very personal, selective little index will just be able to serve you as a hint ...
bernhard rossmann


Like life in general this website is
in progress and quite a process.
So please do not expect an exhaustive coverage nor a perfect english - just a very personal selection of me, myself and my life in general.

For now this site shall serve simply as a showroom of my Self and its various manifestations. Although I'm quite aware that
it unfortunately won't ever be close to comprehensive.

Still, I'm more than honored to have you here.
Please Enjoy - And keep shining!

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Currently active in: Greenville, SC, United States
Buccoo, Tobago, West Indies
Vienna, Austria, Europe